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Are you fed up with pain or discomfort from periodontal disease? Or, are you constantly worried about your breath? Suffering from bad breath and oral discomfort caused by periodontal disease can affect your mood, confidence, and oral function. In addition, periodontal disease that has been left untreated can cause even more serious issues, such as tooth or bone loss. Luckily, laser periodontal therapy can help you regain your oral function and your confidence.

Laser periodontal therapy at Ninth East Dental, in Provo, UT is a minimally invasive and highly targeted treatment that only removes and kills bacteria in your mouth, so you can keep your healthy tissue in place and fight the onset of gum disease.

Not only is it beneficial and simple for our patients, laser periodontal therapy also minimizes the amount of bleeding, shortens healing time, and reduces the risk of bacterial infection. The treatment is nearly pain-free and, unlike most other dental procedures, no local anesthesia is required. Talk about a win-win!

Periodontal disease may be removed completely after laser periodontal therapy, but in many cases, regular periodontal maintenance appointments may be necessary to keep periodontal disease from advancing. In this case, we’ll develop a maintenance plan for you to keep your periodontal disease at bay.

Contact us if you’re ready to properly deal with your periodontal disease. Our team at Ninth East Dental, in Provo, UT will help you set up an appointment and determine if laser periodontal therapy is the best treatment option for you. After receiving laser therapy, you will leave our office confidently smiling, feeling happier and healthier.

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