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Braces have come a long way over the years! Traditional metal braces and brackets used to be your only option for straighter teeth. But today, orthodontic patients of all ages enjoy several treatment alternatives that are far less noticeable but equally effective—including clear braces. These braces are made from natural, tooth-colored ceramic or clear materials, so people will only notice your smile.

At Ninth East Dental, in Provo, UT, we would love an opportunity to discuss whether clear braces will fit your unique needs and lifestyle. They may cost a little more or require a slightly longer treatment time, but if you’re interested in really investing in your smile, while avoiding brackets and wires, they may be perfect for you!

Achieve a straighter smile without the metal of traditional braces. Take your first step and call to ask for a clear braces assessment at Ninth East Dental, in Provo, UT today.

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