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The more you do to protect your smile, the greater chance your smile has. A comprehensive prevention, treatment, cleaning, and planning guide for your smile is a great way to cover your oral health care and give your teeth and gums their best chance for optimum success. Dental damage can arise in numerous forms, so it is important to always be prepared for any hazards that may present themselves.

If you implement any mouth jewelry in your clothing repertoire, such as lip or tongue rings, you’re putting your mouth at numerous oral health risks. Not only are your lips and tongue in danger, but so too are your teeth. If placed incorrectly, a tongue ring can lead to nerve damage and significant injury. Furthermore, mouth jewelry can cause infections, cracked teeth, inflammation, lacerations, and even pose as choking hazards.

If you’re actively participating in any sports, particularly contact sports, it is crucial to make sure you are wearing the necessary safety gear. Due to the likelihood that a single oral injury can significantly impair oral health, it is mandatory to always wear safety equipment such as mouth guards, face masks, and helmets whenever possible.

Stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking and using drugs. Not only can smoking immediately affect oral health, including giving rise to bad breath and stained teeth, but it can lead to severe oral ailments including tooth loss and cancer. Like smoking, using drugs will not only increase your risk for skin cancer, but it can put you at risk for several oral health, physical health, and mental health ailments.

No matter which dental damage treatments you select, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can give. If you would like Drs. Adrian Huang and Preston Huang at Ninth East Dental to bring you in for a comprehensive exam to determine which treatment is right for you, please schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Provo, Utah, by calling us at 801-854-9140.