Dental Emergency Tips

When it comes to your teeth, it’s vital to keep them in great shape so they can last for years to come. This includes keeping up your daily habit of brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing and using mouthwash daily, and seeing your dentist twice a year. If... Read more »

Is It Time for a Teeth Whitening?

Do you feel your smile has lost its shine? If so, you are not alone. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that can enhance your smile which includes having a teeth-whitening treatment. That is why, the staff in our office here at Ninth East Dental in Provo, Utah, is... Read more »

It’s Time To Fix Your Smile with Braces

Deepak Chopra, a famous author, once said, “All great changes are preceded by chaos”. He was right, of course, and his wisdom applies everywhere, including your teeth. Teeth sometimes become crowded, overlapped, and completely misaligned, but you can make the choice to change that now by coming into Ninth East... Read more »

Keep Your Smile Strong with Straight Teeth

Keep your smile strong with straight teeth. Getting your teeth straightened is an exceptional tactic to ensure your oral health will remain in optimum shape for the rest of your life. With straighter teeth, you are able to clean all areas of your mouth more efficiently, which can greatly lower... Read more »

There Are Different Materials That Can Be Used for a Filling

Small areas of tooth decay often establish a presence in a weakened area of tooth enamel. As time goes on, these cavities can gradually start to spread. With timely diagnosis, Dr. Adrian Huang can often treat a modest-sized cavity at his Provo, Utah clinic with a filling. This involves removing... Read more »

Do You Know What the Perks and Benefits of CEREC® Dental Crowns Are?

Do you know what the perks and benefits of CEREC® dental crowns are? Did you know that CEREC dental crowns can be formed at your dentist office instead of being sent off to a lab while you wait for weeks on end for your dental crown? Oftentimes with dental crowns,... Read more »

A Tooth with a Dental Abscess Might Need to Be Replaced with a Bridge

If left to its own devices, tooth decay will inevitably spread. This process of progressive decay is more likely to accelerate if you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits. In time, this could allow bacteria to infect the root and socket of the tooth. If a large abscess forms... Read more »

A Tooth with a Chip Might Need a Crown

If you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis or if you have a bad habit of nibbling on foreign objects or using your teeth as tools, you are at increased risk of suffering a chipped tooth. Even if a chip doesn’t cause heightened sensitivity or pain, you... Read more »

Conquer Your Dentist Office Fears with Nitrous Oxide

It is very common for people to be afraid of going to the dentist. All that poking and prodding of the teeth makes people feel ill at ease. Our patients comfort is something we at Ninth East Dental in Provo, Utah, value. We want our patients to feel relaxed during... Read more »

Making Some Basic Lifestyle Changes Can Significantly Reduce Your Chances of an Oral Emergency

Dental emergencies and oral trauma can happen to anyone, regardless of how careful you try to be. While you can never completely prevent an emergency from befalling you or a family member, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of one happening. To aid in this,... Read more »