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You’ve most likely heard that George Washington wore wooden false teeth, but that’s actually a myth! Washington had oral deficiencies, and he did wear false teeth, but they were made from lead, human teeth and animal parts. These days, we don’t form dentures from wood or from lead. Instead, false teeth are made from more modern substances.

The chompers in sets of dentures are normally created from various types of resins. Acrylic resin, especially, has become the main source for denture teeth. Acrylic resin teeth need to be swapped about every five years or so, but they are much harder than chompers made from substances utilized in the past.

The process of making false teeth may require several visits to our office. Generally, false teeth are made by taking measurements and creating impressions of your jaw, forming models for you to assess and casting the appliance after needed adjustments to the models. The service does take a bit of time, but when the dentures are finished, they’ll fit your oral cavity well!

Dentures come in numerous varieties, both complete and partial sets. If you need dentures or a general visit, we’d love to see you in our office soon. Please call 801-854-9140 now to pencil in your next appointment with our Provo, Utah, staff. Dr. Adrian Huang and the staff of Ninth East Dental will be happy to see you!