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Fact: Your teeth age as you do. Myth: When you reach a certain age, you’ll inevitably need dentures. Your natural teeth can be like a deluxe vintage car: aged and pristine. Here are four ways to slow the aging of your teeth:

– Avoid wear and tear: Some habits to reverse or avoid include chewing on ice or other extremely hard foods, opening packages with your teeth, chewing on pens, biting your fingernails, or grinding your teeth. If any of these are a problem for you, don’t give up hope. Believe that you can change your ways – and get started!

– Take good care of your gums: The CDC reports that 47.2% of Americans over 30 suffer from gum disease. In adults 65 or older, prevalence increases to 70.1%. You can steer clear of periodontal issues by doing two simple things: brushing twice and flossing once daily.

– Battle Dry Mouth: The older you get, the higher the likelihood that your mouth can dry out. Sometimes, this is a side-effect of certain medications. Your mouth needs water to produce saliva, which washes away bad bacteria in your mouth and keeps your teeth healthy. You can battle Dry Mouth by drinking lots of water, chewing sugarless gum, and changing certain medications if needed.

– Have semiannual dental exams: As you age, your teeth’s nerves shrink. If you have a cavity, you are less likely to know about it as the discomfort may be minimal to none. That’s why it becomes so vital to visit our dentists every six months.

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