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Do you know what the perks and benefits of CEREC® dental crowns are? Did you know that CEREC dental crowns can be formed at your dentist office instead of being sent off to a lab while you wait for weeks on end for your dental crown? Oftentimes with dental crowns, their need is immediate, and although temporary crowns can be used, they are not custom fitted for your mouth and can often result in discomfort and pain. CEREC® crowns eliminate the need for temporary dental crowns, and offer these other spectacular benefits:

– CEREC technology can also be designed for dental fillings, which are extremely durable and can match the color of your teeth.

– CEREC crowns have been known to last for over a decade and can easily be replaced if required.

– CEREC dental crowns can be formed and installed all in the period of a single day at your dentist office.

– CEREC crowns are formed using advanced computer technology to give you the size, shape, fit, and color of dental crown you desire.

With CEREC crowns, your smile will not only look better, but it can be stronger and easier to clean too. If you would like to meet with Dr. Adrian Huang and our team at Ninth East Dental for an oral examination, please call 801-854-9140 to schedule an appointment at our dental office in Provo, Utah. Come on in to learn more about your options to get the healthy, confident smile you’ve always wanted!