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It is very common for people to be afraid of going to the dentist. All that poking and prodding of the teeth makes people feel ill at ease. Our patients comfort is something we at Ninth East Dental in Provo, Utah, value. We want our patients to feel relaxed during their visit with us and that is why we offer nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is a light, safe, and effective anesthesia inhaled through the nose. It is sometimes referred to as laughing gas and normally reserved for more serious dental treatments, such as extractions and root canals. Nitrous oxide dulls any feelings of worry and physical pain while also allowing the patient to stay awake and alert during treatment.

When you come in, we will see that you are made comfortable in one of our cozy dental chairs. A small gas mask will then be affixed over the nose. You will be asked to breathe deeply from this mask for several minutes, after which the nitrous oxide will begin to work.

The typical effects of nitrous oxide are tingling sensations mixed with a feeling of lightheadedness. Some patients say they experienced a feeling of heaviness. No matter the feelings of your body, you will be carefree, relaxed and calm during your dental treatment. Since nitrous oxide’s effects dissipate after the mask is removed, these feelings will wear off after your appointment ends so that you can drive home safely.

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